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MONGOLIA About Mongolia and tourist information. An introduce about some useful tips.




<Basic Facts>

Capital : Ulan Bator
Language : Mongolian
Currency : Tugrik(MNT)

Mongolia has a refreshing climate with no humidity. The drastically changing temperature that occurs during the four seasons, night and day, sunny and rainy days is a feature of Mongolia. Even in summertime, bringing warm clothes is highly recommended. The best season for traveling to Mongolia is from June until August.


The togrog or tugrik can be exchanged at the Airport, Hotel or at an Currency Exchange place. Japanese Yen and American Dollars are accepted. Beware that you cannot exchange the currency within Japan. It is recommended that exchange in Mongolia.

Things that come in Handy

Plug-in Adapter and Transformer

The voltage is 220V and the frequency 50Hz. The shape of the plug-in is a B, B3, Type C. You need a voltage transformer since Japanese electric equipments cannot be used in Mongolia. Please make sure that chargers for Digital Cameras and Computers are compatible with 220V.

Protection against cold temperature

Please make sure to bring warm clothes at all times, even during summer.


Always bring your own medicine since they are difficult to obtain in Mongolia and their effects are uncertain.


Hotels in Mongolia do not provide pajamas or a sleepwear, therefore please make sure to bring your own.



Naadam is the Mongolian word for “Festival”. Once very year the Naadam festival takes place in all parts of Mongolia. The biggest Naadam festival is held in Ulan Bator, which lasts for 3 days starting from July 11th, which marks the anniversary of the revolution. Competitors from all over Mongolia gather to participate in different tournaments, the main 3 being horse racing, Mongolian wrestling and archery.

  • Mongolian Sumo Wrestling
  • Mongolian Sumo Wrestling
  • Mongolian Sumo Wrestling is one the main events during Naadam and also very popular.  There is no arena to fight in and no time limit during the fight. The wrestling continues until a winner emerges, which may take a long time; sometimes one flight even goes on for 3 days  until the festival is over.
  • Archery
  • Archery
  • Archery is known as a Mongolian traditional tournament. Nowadays it is practiced as a sport、where men have to hit a mark from a distance of 75 meters, whereas women have to shoot from a range of 60. People of all ages and gender are free to participate in what are sometimes individual, other times group competitions.
  • Horse Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • The jockeys are children aged between 5~13 and each are assigned to different tracks according to their horses` age. A total of at least 1,500 horses participate in the race.

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