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QUESTIONS We summarized the frequently questions from the customers. Please check it and enjoy a comfort stay.

When is the Open Period?

A. 2016 is from April 28th to October 31st(Check-in on October 30th). The hotel is closed on winter season because of the cold temperature in the region.

The accommodation of children and / or infants is possible?

A. Yes, it is possible. However, the dinner must served at Terrace seat.

The transfer service is available from anywhere of UlaanbaatarツꀀCity?

A. Yes. There is no problem, since it is a private service.

My return flight is early, so can I take the breakfast in a box?

A. Yes. You just have to inform us until 19:00 of the previous day of your departure.

It is possible to use Internet in the room?

A. No. We regret to say that you cannot use Internet in the room. But WiFi is available in the reception room.

How is the procedure if I book in the Tokyo Office?

A. To reserve the hotel, we will need your accommodation date, names of the guests, and telephone numbers or e-mail address. Reservation staff in Mongol will reply you by e-mail in Japanese.

About the climate, apparel. There is something in special that I should bring?

A. Please check the [Mongolia Tips] page for more detailed information.

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