HS Khaan Resort Hotel

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TRAVEL AGENCIES The inquiries from travel agencies can be sent from here.


HS Khaan Resort Hotel, Ulaanbaatar Office

Opening Hours : AM9:00 to PM5:00(local time) / Closed on weekends and holidays
Contact Phone Number : +976-7011-5311    *Kindly e-mail us to the address below.
E-mail : info@hskhanresort.mn
Address : Khan Bank Bld. 1F,Seoul Street, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia

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          Fax:976-7011-5311(Ulaanbaatar Office)
  • HS Khaan Resort Hotel
    Khui doloon hudag,Argalant soum,
    Tov aimag,Mongol

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